Music Lessons & Fees

What is taught?

Proven beginning music instruction methods including Faber, Alfred and Bastien

Classical method for piano lessons, including standard repertoire

Strong emphasis on technique and musical expression, and music theory

Music from major periods:  Baroque, Classical,   Romantic and Contemporary

Individual interests, improvisation, theory, popular and music lessons in other styles

Participation in festivals and contests is encouraged, but not required

Annual student recital for students and guests

How often do the lessons meet?

Music lessons meet once per week.  Beginners and young children may choose a half hour piano
lesson.  For intermediate and advanced students, an hour piano lesson is recommended to learn
to play piano.

Play piano for fun.  We offer music lessons, piano lessons and music theory.

Have fun making music!

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Half hour piano lesson, $35

One hour piano lesson, $60

Payment Policy

Fees are due at the music lesson.  Payment may be made by cash or check.  Music lessons may be paid monthly in advance,if preferred..

Cancelled Lessons

24 hour notice by phone is required to cancel or reschedule a music lesson or piano lesson.  Vacation and holidays arranged as needed.

Levels and Goals of Piano Study.

 Basic hand positions for good musical tone.  Music reading, music theory introduction, counting, musical notation.  Learning to read music and what it
means.  How to play piano using different touches and effects.  Learning to express yourself and relate to music in a personal way.  Understanding the mechanics of
producing sounds and music on the keyboard.  Basic chords and melody playing, sight reading, rhythm and early repertoire.

Intermediate.  This stage is usually after the first three years of study, and the student discovers new technical skills.  Scales and exercises are used to increase
dexterity and agility on the keyboard.  Music theory, music history and other resources are used to enhance the music making experience.  Introduction to different
styles:  Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary.  Famous composers and their contributions to keyboard music.  Students may explore personal interests
such as popular music or sacred music as their technical ability and musical skills increase.

Advanced.  Higher levels of technique, scales, arpeggios, broken chords, chromatics, etudes and other exercise broaden the palette of your music making.  These
skills enable you to advance to classical and standard world-famous repertoire, and recital or concert pieces.  Sight reading and advanced theory is introduced, as
well as in depth discussion of composers and their music.  Learning to be a successful performer and play piano as an accompanist is introduced, as well as
opportunities for festivals, recitals or contests.

Supplies and Materials
Metronomes are required for all students.  These may be purchased along with your music from any music store.  A lesson notebook is also required.  Music store
in the North Houston area:

The Music Rack, 17934 Kuykendahl, Houston TX  77379 (281) 353-8727

Online Music Stores
There are many online music stores, some I recommend are:

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